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Funny, deep, lovely, interesting, bizar, amazing. Since ages, people love stories, all kinds of them. Whether you’re a brand, a person, or an organization, everybody has got a story to tell to his or her audience.

A true story, because that is what your audience deserves. Today it’s simple: you're authentic, or you’re out. A story that moves you in any way: no emotion, no recollection.

That’s what we do: we create these stories. Your story. Long or short, based on what you believe in, what your audience needs to know and feel about you.

Is it advertising? It’s what advertising sometimes can or should be. Is it a corporate movie? Can be. But one that goes further than “see what we all do over here”. It can also be a statement, a message, or a believe. A call for attention, for help or for action.

More than anything, it must be a true story worth looking at, because in the end, you want to make a difference.

Our story

The story of La Mancha is one about passion, friendship and ideals. Neighbours who believe that even in the most deserted landscape creative magic can arise. Influenced by the wind from different directions while adoring the same heartwarming sun, we go on a journey to embrace and create true stories.

The core of La Mancha consists of a solid base of 3 diverse people, talented in organizing, creating and producing. In addition we can expand to any size you need, with our freelance network of dedicated professionals. A collective of creative people. People who think, people who make. But never make without thinking. Personal, to-the-point communication, no blah. The straight way to an enduring partnership. After all… our story is creating yours.

Kurt has been telling stories for big and small brands for almost 20 years now. He’s both a strategic and conceptual thinker, translating your story into something that touches people. Ambitious but realistic, always looking for that one better idea. As a story maker, Kurt is also good with words. Except when it comes to writing his own story apparently ;-)
Although Rebecca is still exploring her creative talent as a designer, she’s a born organizer. Not afraid to step into the unknown, she manages to stand up to each challenge and delivers every time. A creative but organized brain, we know it’s rare. That’s why we cherish it and are so proud she ’s on our team.
Each creative hub needs his dreamer. With Joris we have a major in that part. But not only he can think and create without borders, he can also capture his fantasy both in pictures and video. Meet our director/photographer with an endless fantasy and dito drive. Did we already say he’s also a perfectionist? Once again a crazy combination, but we love every detail of him.


By creating stories, we can help you with:

Defining the story
is the creative process: Thinking of a strategy, a concept, shaping the story. more
Producing the story
is the actual making, whether it is a picture, a movie or an animation. La Mancha has the skills for a broad range of projects in movie making and picture taking, both the low and high end. Our in-house camera (Sony PMW-F5 & Prime lenses), lighting and photography equipment, our own film-, photo- and editing studio and know-how are the assets we offer to create your film, commercial and all related shoots. more
Spreading the story
accross all possible platforms. Anywhere, anytime. Through narrative and short motion storytelling, you can capture and hold the attention of your viewers. more

Maybe you don’t need La Mancha from concept, through production to spreading. Not a problem! As we said before, we adapt to your needs.  

What is your story?

Get in touch and let good things happen.

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